Wed Planet’s new project focuses on bridal styling! We’ve received numerous messages expressing the current demand for wedding stylists capable of selecting the perfect, harmonious look for brides on their most important day. Starting this January, we are launching this project to showcase various styles and directions for brides, illustrating that one style can manifest in numerous variations.

Photo by Helena Popova

We aim to provide dear wedding shoppers and brides with insights into different styles, highlighting the versatility within each style. Our debut theme for this project is “Mini Style for the Bride.”
Numerous designers have presented mini-style dresses in their 2024 collections, and we are confident that this style is currently one of the most popular and will remain in demand for years to come.
Short wedding dresses are perfect for brides who want to look modern, fresh, and comfortable on their special day. Mini wedding dresses represent a stylish and contemporary choice for brides who prefer a lighter and less formal look. Here are a few ideas and directions for short wedding dresses:

Look 1 – Modern Bride.

The first distinctive feature of this dress is its cut and fabric choice. The designer skillfully combined both aspects in this attire, resulting in a unique, modern, and simultaneously elegant dress. An asymmetrical detail adds refinement and volume, while the dress itself is characterized by simplicity and modern elegance. Accessories, combining a veil and pearl embellishments, create a refined and balanced style, crafting a beautiful and delicate wedding look.

Dress – @anne_mariee_brand
Accessories – @vesna_accessories
Accessories (wedding clutch) – @ewansgarden
Makeup, hairstyle – @victorymakeup_va
Style – @victory_event_agency
Model – @nata_nati_ko
Photographer –  @helenapopova_photo @gernmari.fotografie @olyanabergerfotografie

Look 2 – Romantic Bride in a Mini Dress.

A romantic mini wedding dress creates a stunning and refined look for the special day. Voluminous flowers emphasize the romantic nature of the attire. Lightweight fabrics produce a playful and soft effect. The top skirt perfectly complements the look, creating a luxurious and striking appearance. Delicate Swarovski crystal embellishments beautifully complete the romantic ensemble. They accentuate, rather than overshadow, the bride’s natural beauty. The result is a stylish and harmonious look.

Dress @yedyna_wedding
Accessories (tiara, necklace, earrings) – @nea.milano
Accessories (ring) – @vesna.accessories
Gloves – @atelieredencouture
Makeup, hairstyle – @victorymakeup_va
Style – @victory_event_agency
Model – @anna_faceflow
Photographer –
@helenapopova_photo  @gernmari.fotografie @olyanabergerfotografie

Look 3 – Classic Bride in a Mini Dress.

An exquisite dress entirely adorned with beads and sequins delicately accentuates the bride’s grace. This straight dress features simple and clean lines characteristic of the classic style. The full-length cape perfectly complements the look, adding elegance and sophistication.
Classic wedding accessories, such as a tiara, gloves, and earrings, lend a traditional and polished appearance to the dress.

Absolutely! The key is to remember not to be afraid to experiment with shapes, colors, and decorative elements to create a unique and modern look for your wedding day.

Material prepared by Anna Borger.

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