London, Milan, New York, Barcelona… All main wedding collections of the new seasons were presented over nearly a month on bridal fashion catwalks of these cities. What are the main trends in the season of 2020? The first and obvious trend is the voluminosity of the Renaissance! Dresses of this stage embrace physicality and volume, […]

SiSposaitalia – Milano Bridal Week 2019.

It is no secret that any wedding exhibition is always a celebration – a celebration of splendor, new facets of creativity, new names and prospects. The Milan show is among the most anticipated exhibitions of such type. Buyers from all over the world gather in Milan to see the latest collections and trends of the […]

The wedding dress adventure… Continues on If wedding.

Throughout history, wedding ceremonies have been one of the primary means of expressing social, cultural, political, and ideological indicators. The adventure of wedding dresses worn in ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, and ancient Rome has a hundred years’ history and continues to this day. The If Wedding Fashion exhibition in Izmir, which is an accord of […]

New discoveries of the Year

Looking back on the year 2018, it is worth noting that not only the fashion for wedding dresses, styles and fabrics is on the turn, the approach to brides, branding, general marketing undergo changes too. Social networks, the Internet as a whole and global changes influence even conservative countries with their conservative brides. Today, when […]

Expo Wedding Fashion Ukraine 2018

Airy, sparkling, and elegant silhouettes with floral ornaments and crystal patterns… Mystery, splendor, and charm in a huge variety were presented in Kiev at EXPO WFU18. Over 40 Ukrainian manufacturers have demonstrated their 2019-2020 personal collections with a unique design reflecting the latest trends in world wedding fashion. Collections of such brands as Iryna Kotapska, […]

Saint Petersburg Bridal Fashion Week

Early in October, in the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russian and Belarusian producers presented a delightful galaxy of new wedding collections. Each collection is one-of-a-kind and unique in its own way; many of the presented items are result of the quest for inspiration or a piece of art. Wedding dresses by Aurora Couture […]

Edem Couture. A unique brand

EDEM couture is a unique brand that produces bridal and eveningwear. For nigh on several years, EDEM couture has been an obvious wedding trendsetter. The products are made from the best fabrics, which the brand purchases from exclusive suppliers, and masters in the tailor’s workshop embroider them exclusively by hand. A team of foreign designers […]

Trends from Couture and Haute Couture for new season 2019.

This years, demonstrations of new Haute Couture collections were diverse in style and type. While many of us were enjoying their summer vacations, the rest were working hard. In early July, most fashion houses demonstrated Haute Couture collections of the new season in Paris. This is the place where everything starts, according to my invincible […]


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