The main event in the world of the fashion industry has come to an end, and there is already a full opportunity to summarize the haute couture week in Paris.
First of all, I would like to briefly go through the main trends and then highlight and summarize each one separately.
Perhaps the most popular styles of the new season can be called asymmetry and high necklines. There was also an abundance of various capes, cloaks, and mantles; plenty of ideas with a feather theme, as well as a continuation of floral improvisations. I would like to separately note the style with dropped sleeves and open shoulders. There were many ideas in the shirt style and jacket-dress style. Extended sleeves have returned to the catwalk, but not to such a great extent. Puff sleeves continue to captivate the imagination of designers and also continue their procession in the new season. The over-skirt is also an intriguing detail, which several designers presented this season.
As for accessories, gloves deserve special mention – as the main trend of the spring-summer 2024 season.

The main shades – soft and muted tones, delicate pink, light green. Of course, bright colors like yellow, red, black are also present, but predominantly the shades are gentle and pastel.
The mini style has almost disappeared from the runways and was presented only minimally.
So, let’s delve into it:


At the moment, the asymmetry style is at the peak of its popularity. Asymmetry is a popular trend not only in fashion but also in hairstyles and architecture. The style itself has been used since the 18th century but became an independent style only in the 20th century. In the mid-century, Christian Dior explored asymmetry in his collections “Zigzag” (1949) and “Diagonal” (1950). Asymmetric details beautifully complemented Dior’s impeccable daytime ensembles, but they looked no less impressive on evening dresses. The most famous of them was the evening dress “Grueau” made of ivory silk satin, named after the famous fashion illustrator René Gruau. Designers worldwide have long loved asymmetry.
And over the past few seasons, it continues to be relevant. Once again, one bare shoulder is in fashion, uneven hemlines of skirts and dresses, blouses that fasten diagonally, sleeves of different lengths.

Dior Couture Spring 2024

Several renowned couturiers stood out with this trendy trend during fashion week – Georges Chakra, who presented amazing variations of asymmetry, using both lightweight and heavier fabrics; Elie Saab, who magically combines several fashion trends in one dress. The foundation of the collection is soft pastel tones, various sleeve lengths, and the aforementioned high necklines. Zuhair Murad used a lot of shiny silk in the new collection, which, in combination with asymmetry, creates the perfect look. Tony Ward and Alexis Mabille presented several models in this style in their collections.

High necklines

can be combined with long sleeves, one sleeve, or even sleeveless designs. This style of neckline can come in various variations, such as round, stand-up, boat neck, or collar necklines. A high neckline gives the dress a more closed-off and elegant appearance.
It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact birth date of this style, but it’s believed that high necklines “came into use” somewhere between the 13th and 15th centuries. One source of medieval history suggests that the upper part of clothing with a high neckline was part of the male wardrobe – specifically worn by knights to protect the body from armor.
Later, high necklines appeared in the 19th century and served haute couture fashion. Women at that time wore clothing with voluminous sleeves and tight-fitting silhouettes.

Armani Prive Couture Spring 2024

This season, it’s perhaps difficult to find a designer who hasn’t created at least one creation in this style. Among all the stars presented at Paris Fashion Week with this style, Zuhair Murad stands out, who showcased a great variety of this style this year.

Open shoulders

or dropped sleeves, as a trend for the Spring 2024 season, reflect elegance and femininity, lending sophistication and romance to the look. This detail adds charm and intrigue, drawing attention to the shoulders and neck area. Thanks to its versatility, open shoulders can be embodied in various styles and forms suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.
Many fashion designers have incorporated this trend into their collections, presenting unique variations of open shoulders and dropped sleeves. Some create striking models with a smooth descent of sleeves, giving the look a sense of lightness and airiness, while others play with textures and decorative elements to add sophistication and individuality to each outfit.
This trend demonstrates a fashionable balance between classic elegance and modern sensuality, making it attractive to a wide range of women looking to appear stylish and feminine. Open shoulders represent a refined detail that transforms the look, making it more attractive and memorable.

Capes, cloaks and mantles.

A couple of seasons later, capes, cloaks, and mantles have made a comeback. Hoods are presented in a minimal variation, but the style of the Eastern robe, beautifully embroidered, and made of brocade, silk, and satin, is available in a huge assortment.

Feathers and variations

It seemed that the feather theme had left us, but unexpectedly returned to the main fashion stage this season. However, this time designers are using imitation feathers, employing various more eco-friendly variations. One designer worth mentioning here is Elie Saab, who fantastically combined several trends in one look. Firstly, the cape in popular delicate shades, created from flowers that, in turn, are made of feathers. Bravo, Master!

Elie Saab Couture Spring 2024

Shirt style

We owe the emergence of this style to one of the most famous couturiers. During World War I, women needed more comfortable and functional clothing. One of the first “conquests” was the men’s shirt. And a young designer, just starting her career, Coco Chanel, in 1916, turned it into a dress – a shirt, adapting it for the female wardrobe. The shirt dress became so integrated into women’s outfits that it remains relevant to this day.

Jacket style

The appearance of the jacket-dress is owed to the collections of Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970s. It adopted the silhouette of a tuxedo, emphasizing the shoulders and slender waist of its wearer, thereby demonstrating refined femininity. Fashion took a turn, and the jacket-dress returned not only to the catwalks but also to wardrobes.

Puff sleeves

migrate from season to season, sometimes in a less pronounced equivalent, and then again in huge variations of this style. This silhouette can be considered one of the oldest, as it was a fashion trend even in the Middle Ages.
For several years in a row now, the puff sleeve remains at the peak of fashion, and it seems it’s not going to give up its position anytime soon. It’s not surprising: its shape has always been highly valued by world designers. This interesting element now adorns not only light summer dresses, tops, and shirts but also jackets. And apparently, nothing will change in the near future because the further we go, the more voluminous these sleeves become.

Dilek Hanif Couture Spring 2024

The over skirt dresses overlay can also be attributed to the trends of the new season, as several designers have presented garments with this element.

A separate trend worth mentioning is the style with dropped sleeves and open shoulders. Without further ado, let’s summarize the trend with wedding dresses in the Spring-Summer 2024 collections.

Material prepared by Anna Borger.
All photographic materials are taken from open sources.

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