This years, demonstrations of new Haute Couture collections were diverse in style and type. While many of us were enjoying their summer vacations, the rest were working hard. In early July, most fashion houses demonstrated Haute Couture collections of the new season in Paris.
This is the place where everything starts, according to my invincible belief. Haute Couture shows are what launches fashion of the next season, including the wedding industry.
Thus, analyzing the collections presented in Paris, and those presented later by other famous couturiers, it should be noted that the following trends are coming into fashion and maintaining their existence:

  1. 90’s style. Shoulders.
    Apparently, in this season the designers once again decided to emphasize women’s hands and shoulders; in this magnificent journey, a vast abundance of sleeves and variations of shoulders are presented. Wide shoulders with foam rubber shoulder pads were incredibly popular among women of fashion in the 90s; and, as we know, there is nothing new under the sun. Generally, sleeves are the element of the dress that has been very widely used and decorated by designers lately. For example, balloon sleeves descended to the wrists, while medieval flared sleeves have nearly lost their popularity.

  2. Capes and coats
    While in previous seasons designers used to offer light and airy capes, in the current season they are represented by dense fabrics (velvet, velour, satin and so on). Glossy and heavy, they are present both in the form of accessories and as separate clothes.

  3. Trousers.
    Armani Prive collection in this season is mostly represented by trousers. Trousers and trouser suits are also widely found in collections by other designers.

  4. Feathers and fur. Feathers have become incredibly popular in decorating clothes and are still widely used in different combinations.
    Fendi, in its turn, presents a great amount of fur in its couture collections – not only as decoration, but also as material for entire products.

  5. Large elements.
    Over the last few years, many designers have been emphasizing large elements of an outfit. Large flowers are one of the most popular elements.

  6. Asymmetry
    This trend has remained on catwalks and continued its life for several years already. At the same time, designers constantly offer new interpretations of this element.

  7. Jackets. Wide belts
    All sorts of jackets and blazers that are so popular among designers were widely presented in the Haute Couture direction as well. Waist emphasized with a belt is another element that is actively coming into fashion, including collections of wedding dresses.

In general, it should be noted that all collections are based on dense, heavy and glossy fabrics and dark shades, as well as fur, ruches, gaufre and feathers.
Thus, here are the examples of wedding dress models that will be popular in the season of 2019-2020:

The article Anna Borger
Photos: VOGUE,