Throughout history, wedding ceremonies have been one of the primary means of expressing social, cultural, political, and ideological indicators. The adventure of wedding dresses worn in ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, and ancient Rome has a hundred years’ history and continues to this day.

The If Wedding Fashion exhibition in Izmir, which is an accord of fashion and passion, invites thousands of visitors from 89 countries and 81 regions of Turkey to join the adventure from January 22 to 25, 2019.

Wedding dresses that were worn for hundreds of years at weddings that unite not only families, but also companies and even countries, symbolized social, economic and political power. It is known that the ancient Egyptians wore multi-coloured and multi-layered wedding dresses, the ancient Greeks wore white wedding dresses, and the ancient Romans wore yellow ones. Queen Victoria was the first person who put on a white satin wedding dress in 1847, which resembled modern Western-style models in terms of its design, and it became popular.

Worldwide Wedding Clothing Sector
Currently, the United States leads in the cost of wedding ceremonies in the world. In a country where about 2.3  million people marry annually, people want to arrange fabulous marriage ceremonies, and because of this, the costs are quite high. The total cost of marriage is $ 40 billion. In accordance with the 2017 American Wedding Study, the average cost of one wedding, excluding the honeymoon, is 33 thousand 391 dollars, and the average expense for a wedding dress is one thousand 509 dollars.
As for Europe, despite the decline in consumer demand along with the living-together culture, the wedding clothing sector includes consumers with high purchasing power, and therefore it determines global trends. Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are countries with a high share in the wedding clothing sector.

In Asia, there is a serious increase in the number of marriages. This trend, which began in the 1970s in Japan, has continued in China and India since the 1990s. China is a world-leading manufacturer of wedding clothing and leads in exports. However, it exports 20 percent of the products produced to foreign countries, and in recent years, this percentage has declined even more.
In recent years, Turkey has become a significant supplier to Europe and the Middle East in the wedding and evening clothing sector. The annual industry share is about 600-650 million dollars, and it is noteworthy that, along with such Middle Eastern countries as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, exports are made to countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal and the Russian Federation. Turkey, which exports to Europe and the Far East, exported ready-to-wear clothing in the amount of $ 13.3 billion in 2018, and the most important items in this export were the goods of the wedding and evening clothing sector. Izmir provides 70% of the production of wedding and evening clothing in Turkey. Izmir, which continues to grow in the sector of wedding clothing, manufacture, fashion marketing and branding, like Milan and Barcelona, ​​began to gain fame as a manufacturer of wedding and evening clothing.

There are Many Reasons for Choosing Izmir
The If Wedding Fashion exhibition in Izmir makes annually this city the capital of fashion and design. The  xhibition, which is of strategic importance from the point of view of the bridge from Europe to the Middle East, has also recently been of great importance from the point of view of the sector market presentation in the world. Izmir’s high-quality and reasonable-priced products, which hold 70 percent of the wedding and evening clothing sector in Turkey, enjoy great interest in the European market. Most manufacturing companies in Europe, instead of buying European quality, but expensive products, prefer the Izmir market due to the fact that you can find the same quality at a lower price there. Showcases in which the most diverse products of this market are exhibited are presented at the If Wedding Fashion exhibition in Izmir. Many foreign buyers have the opportunity to see the quality and variety of Turkish wedding and evening dresses at this exhibition. Last year, many Italian visitors, who took part in the exhibition, said that they purchased Turkish products and started selling them in their own country instead of producing their own products.

The Middle East is strongly interested in the If Wedding Fashion exhibition in Izmir, and the leader is Iran in terms of such an interest, followed by Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The exhibition, at which both brides’ and grooms’ clothing and evening dresses in the aspect of their quality are front and center, attracts the interest of participants and visitors from around the world. The If Wedding Fashion exhibition in Izmir, with its products which are of much better quality than Asian ones and less expensive than European ones, helps Turkey take a leading position in the market.

The Glittering Star of the World: If Wedding Fashion in Izmir
The star of the If Wedding Fashion exhibition in Izmir, which is preparing to open for the 13th time this year on January 22-25, will shine in 2019. The largest in Europe in terms of area and the only Turkish exhibition approved by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), which represents brides’ and grooms’ and evening clothing, will gather thousands of visitors from 89 countries around the world, mainly Europe, as well as from 81 regions of Turkey.
The If Wedding exhibition, with its stands that are superior to each other in showiness, its fashion shows, fashion interviews, competitions and expositions, which makes visitors experience unforgettable moments, will be front and center with its fashion and design in 2019. The exhibition will feature 13 fashion shows of the most important companies of the sector. At this exhibition, the world-famous designers will come out on the podium, two mixed fashion shows will be presented, and famous models will walk the catwalk dressed in the clothing created by Kansu Sarykan who won the 2018 wedding dress design competition. The fashion shows, which will last for three days
in a row, will turn the exhibition into a celebration of fashion.

Design will be Front and Center
The wedding dress design competition, which allowed Turkey to hear the names of future designers from the If Wedding exhibition catwalks, is organized for the 10th time this year. The first 15 names from the list of young fashion designers competing on the “Creativity in Simplicity” topic will exhibit products, first in their career, on the catwalks of the If Wedding exhibition.
Another of the important works carried out in the area of design is the Trend Site. The fashion world experts will represent the new season trends on this site. In addition to fashion interviews and expositions, the works created by the semifinalists of the design competition will be exhibited there.

The exhibition, which will bring together local and foreign sector visitors, world designers, famous artists and models and which will be a celebration of fashion, is preparing for the new year, which will be filled with various events. The If Wedding Fashion exhibition in Izmir, which is an accord of fashion and passion, will share a stellar adventure of silver pelerine with all its visitors.

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