Early in October, in the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russian and Belarusian producers presented a delightful galaxy of new wedding collections. Each collection is one-of-a-kind and unique in its own way; many of the presented items are result of the quest for inspiration or a piece of art.

Wedding dresses by Aurora Couture are full of light, delightfully captivating, and irradiates magic femininity and charisma. On the runway, the collection was presented in Marie Antoinette style. The dresses from this brand perfectly emphasize the grace, and the head designer, Anna Mikhailova, is often called the “corset queen.”

The wedding dresses by Yulduz Wedding brand distinguished themselves by luxurious trims and stunningly beautiful fabrics. The head designer is very passionate about the choice of fabrics and is always in quest of new and interesting ones. The line between the traditional and the modern bridal look is the essence of a new Yulduz Wedding collection.

Each guest was delighted with a different location where the Papilio fashion house was holding its fashion show. One of the best Russian hotels, Astoria, became a venue for numerous guests, the press and buyers for two days. The historical significance of this location, first-class service, luxury interiors, hospitality and a lot of “wow” moments thanks to Astoria employees will linger on in everyone’s memory.

As for the collections by the Papilio fashion house, it is worth noting that each dress is a real trend. It is a sealed book how the head designer, Alyona Goretskaya, creates here dresses that make a very favorable impression on everyone! Each model has an amazing fit; every flower, every fold, and every pin-tuck is in the proper place. A feminine, harmonious, natural, and romantic wedding collection echoes a bright, lovely, diverse collection of evening dresses in an amazingly easy way.

In addition, the Wedding Fashion Week revealed young designers and brands, namely, Bella Novikova, Naira Arutyunian, Blanc sur Blanc, Virtu Atelier, By Florentseva, and presented, unlike others, a modern, “comfortable” bridal look and bright style.

By Florentseva

A new collection by Milva is the very picture of modern luxury, sophisticated lace, femininity and romanticism. Elegance, plainness of style and cut with perfectly emphasized grace and dynamism are distinctive features of the Rima Lav collection.

The Yoo Studio collection is always expressive and differs from others. Well-known printings, light and airy fabrics, emphasis on large details and diverse silhouettes are the unique features of the Yoo Studio style. This year’s collection includes dresses for confident and stylish brides.

LAVENIR BOUTIQUE presented its new, debut collection. The designers of this brand have been working in their own salon of the same name for more than 10 years and they are no stranger to the modern bride’s wishes. The 2019 collection is an embodiment of the luxury and bohemian style, enchanting magic and the triumph of the classic style with modern elements.

Natasha Bovykina Brand presented the Coco style on the catwalk. Chic, seduction, grace, refinement are the exact epithets that can describe the new collection of this brand. Delightful fabrics, captivating colours and an unrivaled cut are distinctions of this collection.

The Rafineza brand also presented its new Santоrini collection at the shows. An excellent fit, a variety of fabrics, white lace and high quality products make this brand well known both in Russia and far beyond its borders.

In addition, during Spb Bridal Fashion Week, the following brands and designers as Wedding Atelier, Olga Loginova, Olga Malyarova presented their collections and showrooms with Anna Kuznetcova and Lezardi new collections.

Anna Borger

Photos «Studio Belyaev»