Knowing how interestng it is for managers of wedding salons to read about other managers of wedding salons, we’ve decided to publish and tell a line of stories about wedding salons and their managers from different countries. Our first story is dedicated to a wedding studio in the city of Kaunas, which is situated in the very center of a small but extremely beautful country – Lithuania The owner of the studio has been long excited about opening a new wedding fashion studio. She already had one studio and opening of another modern one with its own concept and unrivaled style was a very important moment in her life. Meet Daiva She is a woman of incredible affecton, a person with whom you would talk a lot and for a long time, realiziing every time that wedding business is not just a job for her – it’s her entre life, a part of her soul.

Reduced circumstances in the family led Daiva to weddign business. They were what pushed her towards search for new positve emotons. The understanding of the fact that business as such requires new atenton, while wedding business, for example, brings so many positve emotons that were so necessary for our heroine, led to her decision to make it a wedding salon.
Having worked in the wedding industry for over ten years, Daiva is in constant search of partners, ideas and advertsement aspects. While building her story, she always tries to adapt to new realia of the modern world, to the bride, to new styles, wedding trends and changes in the industry in general. But the main concept, according to our heroine, is as follows: “Wedding dress is not a piece of clothing, It’s a feeling ”

Today, Daiva’s salons are among the largest in the Baltc States Daiva’s aim is to have the biggest wedding salon and offer brides the most extensive assortment. This is why our heroine opened a new excitng salon, Di Dress, in the middle of May. The most important aspect influencing both the mood of the bride and her purchasing ability is the salon’s appearance, its interior. The right concept built within a specific directon of style helps create the right mood – that is, persuade the bride to make a purchase. According to Daiva, DIVA studio has a romantc, light and easy interior, while the new studio Di Dress is the center of the universe for a bride “I want every bride to feel comfortable and magnificent here, like a real queen ”. And this studio really has everything for it: luxurious podium, red carpet, spiral stairs and the most important thing – a person who is sincerely happy and ready to help. Daiva considers the ability to feel, sympathizie and transform and be both a “mother” and a “friend” at a certain moment to be an vital aspect. It is important to feel what the bride wants and be sincere with her. “Bride is my calling card! I can’t recommend her something that doesn’t actually suit her. My task is to find something, that will accentuate her good points and hide her faws ”

Dress rehearsal on the day before wedding is a must in Daiva’s salons. When she’s finally happy with the way her buyer looks, she is satsfied with her work. “As long as I get goosebumps from helping the bride get dressed and from the way she looks in the end I understand that I’m doing the right uob for me ”.

Daiva says that a person can’t be heartless and only aim for financial benefit. The main part of this work, of this business are emotons, the ability to enuoy, live through these moments and understand. Here’s why it takes a patent and understanding person, a real psychologist and a salesman at the same time.

WED PLANET was invited to the opening ceremony of the new wedding studio Di Dress. We would like to share these picturesque photos from the ceremony with you and, of course, thank Daiva once again for invitaton, for her work and for the warmth she gives.

Anna Borger

Photo: Renginių Akimirkos by Darius Kučys