Looking back on the year 2018, it is worth noting that not only the fashion for wedding dresses, styles and fabrics is on the turn, the approach to brides, branding, general marketing undergo changes too.
Social networks, the Internet as a whole and global changes influence even conservative countries with their conservative brides.
Today, when coming to a salon, the modern bride from anywhere in the world wants to buy not only a wedding dress, but also much more: sensations, atmosphere, exclusivity, and an individual approach. And today, a modern head of a wedding salon understands that in order to compete, you need to meet the bride’s new interests and needs. The style of the salon, its interior, furnishings, smells, sensations, and the service provided Рall these are the key points of the sale.
Some time ago, you could already meet one of the leaders of the wedding salons from Kaunas in Lithuania. For several years of working applying new thinking and an exclusive approach, the head of the salon, Daiva, managed to become one of the leading salons in the Baltic States.
Daiva entrusted the design of her salon interior to professional designers who managed to understand and bring in life the need for working in the new environment.

When telling our next story, I would like to introduce you to the head of the salon in Bavaria, Germany, Tatiana Schloessl.
Starting this business, largely as a hobby, our character could become one of the largest buyers in Germany. A large, modern and stylish Ganz in Weiss salon, an exclusive approach, placing an emphasis on the individuality of each bride and a varied model range that are delivered to the salon from different countries.
Meeting each bride in an individually equipped mini-salon having a separate name, such as “Black Poodle” or “Pink Flamingo”, each bride gets the same approach, the same feeling of luxury, chic, uniqueness, exclusivity and an individual approach.

Another start-up in 2018 was launched also in Germany, in Dusseldorf. Early December, designer Iryna Kotapska together with Mariposa jewellery brand opened the first b2b showroom in the downtown area.
This showroom is dedicated to wedding buyers, so that you could see new collections and place orders in a pleasant atmosphere and sipping a glass of champagne. The showroom presents both the new collections and the previous seasons ones.
Special mention should be made of the exclusive jewellery featured by the Ukrainian masters, and now this jewellery grows in popularity very quickly in Europe and America. The entire collection of jewellery is also presented in the showroom in Dusseldorf.