The exhibition and shows in Barcelona are always a holiday – a holiday of luxury and beauty, a triumph of  magnificence, a riot of colors and eccentricity. 27 collection of the highest class were demonstrated at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week over 4 days. All kinds of styles, wedding, evening, children’s dresses and men’s suits – all this was presented at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, the biggest wedding exhibition in Europe.
This year’s main idea was the heavenly garden, into which everyone present plunged, both at the main shows in Fira, the very heart of Barcelona, and at the evening shows that were organized at separate venues.

It would be nice to start the picturesque story about the shows with marking out the Pronovias brand, which opened the Fashion weak instead of closing it for the first time ever. The fairy heavenly garden was full with buyers, bloggers, journalists and photographers. According to the officials of Pronovias, the company has entered the new season with new management, new ideas and new breath. The 2019 collection itself is intriguingly stylish, very versatile, femininely flirtatious and sexy.

Reem Acra, is a American fashion designer born in Beirut, Lebanon, presented the spring-summer 2019 collection in the format of a night show, which was held in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, in the Gothic building of the Royal shipyards. Incredibly rich décor of dresses, flowing fabrics and amazing images were harmoniously complemented by the interior décor of the hall itself.

The show by Spanish designer Jordi Dalmau, who presented his collection at the theatrical stage this year, was bright and memorable. Incredible creations of the designer, bold combination of colors and shades, charisma of the designer himself that can be seamlessly traced in all of his models, creativity and boundless talent.

The collection by Yolan Cris undoubtedly deserves special attention: street production of the show with elements of large-scale stage props, sewing dwarves and amazing collection of wedding dresses – all this made the passers-by stop and freeze. The show by Yolan Cris is a fairytale presented to everyone. Collection of the brand is the world of diversity, sexuality, femininity and harmony.

Diversity of the Bridal Fashion Week was felt everywhere. Brands and designers from France, Belgium, Italy, USA and, of course, Spain were presented on the catwalk. The show itself was shocking with its scale, organization and internationality. Brands and designers from different countries were presenting their collections during the following 4 days.

Back to shows and the catwalk, it would be appropriate to speak about the main trends of the season, among which the trouser tail, which is presented in multiple variants in the current season, should be emphasized. Wide trousers or skirt-trousers are the basis here.

Inmaculada Garcia

Cloaks and capes are still trendy on the Barcelonan catwalk, even if in minimum quantity. This trend is still attractive for many designer and brands.

Cuts on dresses are perhaps at the peak of their popularity. Single, double, lateral and straight – whatever anyone needs.

Sleeves, which were presented in short or extremely long variants, puffed or Spanish-style sleeves last year, are gaining popularity. This year, most designers demonstrated narrow and straight sleeves, raised shoulders in the style of the 90s, light flares and slightly puffed sleeves on the catwalk of the capital of bridal fashion.

Asymmetric models are also very popular in the new season; this trend is welcomed both in evening and in wedding dresses.

Feathers and ruches also remain an interesting décor for designers, who suggest using it for draperies as much as possible this year.

And, of course, the main trend which has been firmly established in the everyday fashion first of all due to the collections of the famous fashion house of Dolce&Gabbana is the brightness and riot of colors and flowers. Colors and flowers are the main trend in 2019’s wedding collections.

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The Bridal Fashion Week of Barcelona was closed with the award show of the established magazine Elle. This magical evening gathered Carlo Pignatelli, Reem Acra, Viktor & Rolf, Antonio Riva and many more on one stage. Historic place in Gothic style in the center of Barcelona emphasized the solemnity of the award show in the best possible way.

….The last lights have already gone out, and all the guests are already gone, but they are certainly ready to meet again next year at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019.

Head of the portal Anna Borger