It is no secret that any wedding exhibition is always a celebration – a celebration of splendor, new facets of creativity, new names and prospects. The Milan show is among the most anticipated exhibitions of such type. Buyers from all over the world gather in Milan to see the latest collections and trends of the bridal fashion.

Every year, admirers of the Italian designer Elisabetta Polignano visit Si Sposaitalia in Milan in order to see and adore her creativity and boundlessness. This year was no exception. Unlike previous more colorful collections, this year the designer mostly offers white, creamy and golden shades. Bows, flounces, belts and balloon sleeves as décor elements; light, airy and nearly weightless fabrics server as a basis. The designer’s stile can be characterized as elegant tenderness for sophisticated and feminine brides.



Lusan Mandngus brings classic straight dress style in various light fabric interpretations to the Milan catwalk. The style of this collection can be described as exquisitely romantic.

Several designers in various collaborations were presented during the White Carpet evening show. For instance, Robert Cavalli presented TRIPLE RRR, his collection of men’s suits. This collection is a non-standard, creative look at a modern man.

Elisabetta Polignano presented her capsule collection Denim Couture Eco created for Italdenim at the White Carpet.  Innovative ideas for a bridal gown, original fabrics and expressive details are connected in every dress in an impeccable and extremely dynamic fashion.

Musani Couture in collaboration with Giancarlo Pollastri offer bright images and elements, various fabrics, multiple draperies on skirts, puffed skirts and, of course, bright and saturated colors in the new season.

Maria Pia Creazioni and young designer Davide Grillo demonstrated a sky-blue, feminine, tender and romantic collection on the Milan catwalk, which also embraced darker shades – temptingly exquisite and bold yet amazing.

Bellantuono Bridal Group and Efisio Marras presented exciting simplicity, grace and elegance – flowing light fabrics, refined draperies and most gentle trimming.

The next day of the shows was marked with celebration of the Italian bridal fashion. An entire galaxy of designers presented their 2020’s wedding collections. Each designer managed to show their own unique look at the wedding dress.
Enzo Miccio brings splendor and sophistication into every detail. Absolutely trendy new collection, including open backs, V-shaped necklines, flying sleeves and bows of all shapes and sizes.

Blumarine Sposa’s new collection is full of lightness, airiness, refined trimming and emphasized grace. The collection in general is marked by a wide variety of shapes and styles, from light romanticism to strict elegance.

Emiliano Bengasi Couture amazed the audience with beauty and bright shades. The floral theme accompanied the designer’s entire show, while exquisite details complemented image. Pink, red, gold and white – it felt like a floral garden. Italian music provided a wonderful accompaniment to the visual image, while the grace of every dress demonstrated luxury and refinement.

Italian designer Giada Curti presents us with an entirely different, more modern bridal style, which reminds of the 1970s. Hats, large accessories, which complement the image and are now coming back into fashion, long and straight dresses and evening interpretations of bright colors.

During the third day of the exhibition, Milan bridal catwalk introduced us to Italian and international designers. The show opened with the Bulgarian brand Julia Kontogruni. Luxury and splendor, hand-embroidered trains up to 5 meters long, exquisite silhouettes, bodices and pronounced grace. Every dress embraces sophistication, many hours and days of work, noble creation, gracefulness and magnificence of every presented image.

Amelia Casablanca demonstrated just as graceful and exquisite models of wedding dresses in combination with floral theme. Every image was neatly complimented with accessories, while lush skirts reminded of Cinderella at the flower ball.

Suits Petrelli Uomo are always a celebration of style and taste for men. High-quality fabrics, hand-picked garment accessories, refined trimming and perfect fit make this brand one of the leaders in the international market of men’s Sunday bests.

The last brand presented during Bridal Week was Papilio from Belarus. The new collection of wedding dresses was presented in Boho, the classic style of this brand. Exclusive work, designer’s craftsmanship, wonderful fabrics and refined trimming keep fascinating devotees of this style.

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