Despite all the complexities of the contemporary geopolitical situation, new wedding collections have been unveiled, and new trends are ready to be introduced.
The new bridal dress collections were showcased at the traditional Bridal Fashion Week in New York, at the One Fine Day Bridal Market exhibition in the same city, and as part of the new White Wedding Platform project in Milan, Italy.
I would like to start by noting that Haute Couture trends, as is customary, have partially transitioned into bridal fashion trends. In my opinion, some fashion trends have the potential to remain in vogue for several years, while other high fashion ideas have not been embraced by bridal designers and have remained as unique concepts.
So, if we analyze the presented wedding dresses for Autumn-Winter 2024, the primary trend I would name is “Floral Minis.” Many designers offer this style with floral elements in the decor.
You might argue that while trends are important and beautiful, a very small percentage of brides would want to wear a mini dress for their wedding for various reasons. I agree with you. However, as we know, there are common trends that brides gravitate towards, and they often come to bridal shops with one photo on their phone and leave with an entirely different dress style.



So, minis!

Many wedding designers have not only created one or two mini wedding dresses, but have entire lines or collections of minis.
The Kaviar Gauche Bridal Couture brand offers several mini dresses that are absolutely different in style and texture. Combined with flowers, these dresses look very feminine and alluring.
Renowned designers Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad have also not ignored this style and offer their own versions of the mini style for brides.
In the Viktor&Rolf collection, you can also find several mini wedding dresses.

Galia Lahav Bridal Couture Fall 2024

Ah, those shoulders!
This year, bridal fashion designers have paid special and significant attention to the bride’s shoulders. Endless variations of decoration, flowing fabrics, a floral theme, and shimmer – all of this can be seen in this dress detail.
I would like to focus particularly on four brands that masterfully presented this element on their dresses.
The first brand, Zuhair Murad, is a designer who often sets trends in the fashion world, and this case is no exception. Wedding dresses with long sleeves, short capes, a cross-over bodice, and, of course, exquisite lace and sparkling stones as accents.
Designer Elie Saab uses incredibly delicate lace that not only highlights the shoulders but also envelops the bride. It exudes extraordinary femininity and grace.
Eva Lendel brand demonstrates an exceptionally high level of craftsmanship. The variety of design options for this detail is truly impressive.
Viktor&Rolf, as regular trendsetters, are also on point. Their dresses exude elegance and sophistication.
Open shoulders are not a new trend but rather a deepening of it. You can see this style in every collection, but it is particularly popular this year and is being offered by designers from around the world

Rita Vinieris Rivini Bridal Fall-2024


Back to the clouds!
The trend of voluminous sleeves has returned in this new season, right after leaving the runway. Designers’ ideas have become even more unusual and extravagant. Whether it’s a small puffed sleeve or a gigantic cloud – it’s up to the bride to decide! I believe this trend will stay on the runways for some time, and in the spring, we will see new variations on this theme.

Galia Lahav Bridal Couture - Fall 2024-Elysee


High and beautiful!
Embracing the trend from high fashion, wedding dress designers offer a plethora of “high necklines” in their new collections. The Galia Lahav Bridal Couture collection showcases incredibly enchanting high necklines. I believe this detail perfectly emphasizes slimness, refinement, and femininity. Many brides will likely prefer this style of neckline in the upcoming season.

Legends Romona Keveza Bridal - Fall 2024


A true queen!
Yes, many brides want to hear this on their special day. A full skirt made of satin or mikado, with draping or perfectly smooth – it’s another new trend. This is the kind of classic that never goes out of style; it simply yields the spotlight to new trends for a while but always returns. This year, this style hasn’t just made a comeback; it’s made a bold statement.

Kaviar Gauche Bridal Couture - Fall 2024


Daisies! Roses! Lilies!…
The floral theme has been delighting us for several seasons now. Designers adorn dresses with flowers on the shoulders, skirts, and veils – flowers everywhere! This trend is beautiful; it accentuates natural beauty and youth, giving the feeling of summer in any weather. I believe this trend is an ideal choice that will continue to delight us for several more years.

But what about jumpsuits and pants? It should be noted that this trend is becoming increasingly rare on the runway and is only minimally represented this year.

In conclusion, after analyzing the new season’s wedding collections, I have come to the conclusion that designers, as well as brides themselves, currently desire to be feminine, delicate, magical, and graceful. High slits and deep V-necks are becoming less common. The modern bride is about flowers, minis, and being a queen!


Anna Borger

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