Pronovias Group, Jesús Peiró, Justin Alexander, Carlo Pignatelli, Antonio Riva and other top brands will be headlining the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week Gala 2021, taking place on 14 October with the aim of once again uniting the international bridal fashion industry. Some twenty firms will parade their creations before Montjuïc’s Magic Fountain at an evening that will also strike a charitable pose in support of Save the Children.

Under the slogan “The new beginning”, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, with the collaboration
of the Ministry of Business and Labour of the Generalitat of Catalonia, will once again bring
together the sector’s leading international brands, designers, professionals, media and
influencers to support a top-flight industry in the country after rough wake left by the pandemic.
The top names will be unveiling some of their designs in a show dedicated to bridal fashion.
Those present include the Pronovias Group, with its firms Pronovias, House of St Patrick and
Nicole Milano, the Spanish firms Jesús Peiró, Yolancris, Isabel Sanchis, Sophie et Voilà, Ramón
Sanjurjo, Marco y María, Lorena Panea, Olga Macià, Carla Ruiz and Cristina Tamborero; the
Italian firms Antonio Riva, Amelia Casablanca and Carlo Pignatelli; the American firm Justin
Alexander, and the Malaysian firm The Atelier, with designer Jimmy Choo at the helm as creative
director. Jesús Díez Betriu, president of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and owner of Jesús Peiró,
assures that 
“as a businessman in the sector, I consider it essential for there to be an event that encourages us to continue promoting our business with the aim of accelerating the reactivation of the market and bringing back that enthusiasm which is such a fundamental part of the bridal fashion world”.

Enthusiasm, fashion and solidarity
New this year will be the influencers, some of whom will join the professional models on the
catwalk to showcase several of the brands’ designs. The gala will also feature two exceptional
presenters, Renata Zanchi and Javier de Miguel, who will be introducing the brands and the
performances by the Nexart percussion and dance company, DJ Gerard Estadella and other
artistic exhibitions, such as the ‘sweet moment’ whipped up by the creative pastry masters
Christian Escribá and Patricia Schmidt..

Estermaria Laruccia, director of BBFW, says that “the market is reviving after a very difficult
period and we want to celebrate it with an event that, above all, sets out to be a tribute to the
industry, a reunion of professionals and friends, and an opportunity to turn the spotlight back on
bridal fashion to give international visibility to brands and stir up business. Another very
important goal,” adds Laruccia, “is to support the fight against child marriage and the effort to
empower girls and women around the world.”

In this sense, the gala will have a charitable purpose in its support of the “Stop Child Marriage”
project by the non-profit Save the Children, an entity BBFW has collaborated with since 2020.
In addition to the firms taking part in the gala, anyone who wishes to do so can make a donation
via the show’s website

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