SiSposaitalia – Milano Bridal Week 2019.

   Video on the YouTube Chanel – WED PLANET – Elisabetta Polignano-Sisposaitalia-Fashion Show >>    Video on the YouTube Chanel – WED PLANET – Lusan Mandongus-Sisposaitalia-Fashion Show >>    Video on the YouTube Chanel – WED PLANET – White Carpet-Sisposaitalia-Fashion Show >>    Video on the YouTube Chanel – WED PLANET – White Carpet-Sisposaitalia-Fashion Show […]

Edem Couture. A unique brand

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Trends from Couture and Haute Couture for new season 2019.

This years, demonstrations of new Haute Couture collections were diverse in style and type. While many of us were enjoying their summer vacations, the rest were working hard. In early July, most fashion houses demonstrated Haute Couture collections of the new season in Paris. This is the place where everything starts, according to my invincible […]

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2018

The exhibition and shows in Barcelona are always a holiday – a holiday of luxury and beauty, a triumph of magnificence, a riot of colors and eccentricity. 27 collection of the highest class were demonstrated at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week over 4 days. All kinds of styles, wedding, evening, children’s dresses and men’s suits – […]

Bridal shows in Milan and Madrid

تُعرف ميلان ، كما نعلم ، بعاصمة الموضة. وعلى الرغم من أن يتم عرض مجموعات فساتين الزفاف الرئيسية في الوقت الحالي في نيويورك وبرشلونة ، الموضة الميلانية و معرض أزياء الزفاف في ميلان أصبح بشكل واضح مختلفا هذا العام عن كل الآخرين . تجدر الإشارة إلى أن النمط الجديد للمعرض متناغم وحديث للغاية. ومن الجدير […]

Wedding trends from London

Savin London, Sassi Holford, Alan Hannah, Morilee, Eliza Jane Howell, Valetini Spose, Brian Chen and Anny Lin Bridal.   Anny Lin Bridal 2019 Eddy K 2019 Brian Chen 2019 Innocentia 2019 Valetini Spose 2019 Eliza Jane Howell 2019 Alan Hannah 2019 Sassi Holford 2019 Savin London 2019 Morilee Spring 2019 Alan Hannah Spring 2019 Anna […]