It’s been quite some time since Haute Couture Fashion in Paris. During these weeks, other Couture brands have also been presented to the public. The new Fall-Winter 2023-2024 season can truly be characterized as refined elegance. Light flowing fabrics, numerous monochromatic textiles, patterns, as well as the shimmer that continues to be present in collections. However, in this season, sparkle gives way to monochromatic glamour. Designers are paying significant attention to the quality and fabric textures.


So, we present the main trends that stand out from all the collections and outfits.
The primary and most prominent trend, present in almost every collection of the new season, is capes, coats, and blazers. Part of Chanel’s collection introduced a whole range of floor-length blazers and coats, while other designers played with capes – flowers, feathers, embroidery.

Armani Prive


The second most popular trend, in my opinion, is the floral theme. This is not a new theme for the season, but rather a continuation from the past. Designers from around the world presented collections with a floral theme during the spring-summer. This trend is gaining momentum, and in the new season, we can see flowers everywhere – on capes, coats, pants, skirts, and accessories. 
I particularly want to highlight the classic trouser suit by Elie Saab. The designer didn’t just complement the look; they created a classic suit from the Garden of Eden. Exquisite hand embroidery perfectly complemented by a silk flower.

Elie Saab

Accessories in the new season are an important accent and can be considered a trend. Large earrings, bracelets, statement necklaces, handbags, chokers, hats, and, of course, elegant gloves! Every detail is meticulously thought out.

Another trend that can truly be called new is the high neckline. This trend was showcased in every collection. When combined with another trend – the long sleeve – this look appears very stylish.
The long sleeve continues to hold a prominent position in the fall-winter collections and is presented in a highly diverse manner.

One of the trends of the new season is a covered head or hood. Of course, this detail has been seen before in the collections of top designers. However, this year the hood was presented in a much larger and more interesting way.

Сorrugated fabric has received a “new life” and is once again actively appearing in the fall-winter collections.

Another trend, not new but fashionable and appealing, is delicate lace. In this season, several designers presented their works with lace elements or entirely made of lace.

Skirt overlays are yet another popular detail of the new season. Various variations of this detail create different wardrobe looks. The perfect transition from intricate, where a skirt is layered over a dress, accompanied by accessories and gloves, to later shedding it all. Remaining feminine and innocent.

Light, flowing trousers are also presented in a diverse manner on the runway. From wide palazzo pants and dense fabrics, we transition to narrower trousers, slightly reminiscent of harem pants in an Eastern style, and into light fabrics. Elegance and femininity!

Accents such as asymmetry, high slits, and bows continue to be popular. However, these details significantly yield to those mentioned above.

Summing up the trends of Paris, it would be worth noting a few special models that deserve individual attention. We’ve compiled our top 10 and present it to you.
Four dresses by designer Zuhair Murad can immediately be considered the most fashionable, as they combine several upcoming season trends.
In the first dress, the designer combines an asymmetrical dress with delicate lace. It elegantly drapes with flowing silk and features a stunning flower. The perfect addition – long velvet gloves.
The second dress also deserves significant attention. It combines different fabric textures and colors with a cape adorned with enchanting flowers. The look is completed with transparent elegant gloves.
In the third dress, we see the high neckline, a trend of the new season, along with a long flowing sleeve and a large elegant flower.
And of course, the exquisite delicate lace in the fourth dress, in a corset style with a long fitted sleeve and a beautiful flower.  Bravo, master!

Zuhair Murad

The dress by Giambattista Valli is made from elegant delicate lace with a bow on the chest. The look is complemented by fashionable accessories and a tiered cape. Enchanting!

The dress from Balenciaga – “the perfect black long dress.” Matching flowers and gloves are accents of the outfit. Perfect proportions.

Giambattista Valli

Armani Privé presented a multitude of trouser and blazer variations, and the choice is truly exquisite. However, this particular model deserves special attention. The cascading blazer made from fabric with delicate patterns pairs beautifully with ankle-length lightweight flowing trousers. The ensemble is completed with large earrings, tonal bracelets, and a magical flower. Aesthetically pleasing!

Stephanie Roland also introduced a stunning novelty that is impossible to overlook. The foundation – impeccable fabric. The trend – high neckline and long sleeves. The accent – gloves and a necklace. Clean lines!

Armani Prive
Stephanie Roland

Designer Alexis Mabille is no stranger to showcasing outfits made from delicate lace. However, this ensemble is quite distinct. The delicate in texture and color lace, high neckline, and long sleeves. Accompanied by oversized ring-earrings and a lace cape. Incredible femininity.

A creation from designer Tamara Ralph. A beautiful black dress with long gloves, stunning golden flowers, and of course, a hat deserving of its own attention. Elegance and style!

Alexis Mabile
Tamara Ralph

All photographs are taken from open sources.
Material prepared by Anna Borger.

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