1. Balloon Puff Sleeves

We started to see the puff-sleeve trend pop up in spring 2018, it seemed like just the season’s newest must-have. Since then, it’s been reimagined in so many iterations and has continually returned season after season, becoming more than just a fleeting trend. The larger-than-life sleeve has presented itself in many variations.

2. High Neck Dresses

Another fashion trend immediately after the wedding of Paris Hilton.
High neck wedding dresses can include various styles, but most notably they are boat, jewel, keyhole, and halter. Basically high necklines hit close to the neck, usually above the collarbone.


Shorter wedding dresses are growing in popularity as more and more brides-to-be choose to step away from tradition, from cinderella dresses and ballerina styles to throwbacks and style mini-dresses.


It’s a sexy trend that fits in with the easy and airy vibe. Don’t be turned off, though, because wedding designers purposely pair an open back gown with elegant fabrics, crystals, necklines, and silhouettes to create a gown that is just as classy and sophisticated as it is trendy.

5. Square Necklines

While sweetheart and off the shoulder necklines still remain popular, 2022 saw square necks have their moment in the spotlight, providing the ultimate elegant silhouette for stylish, modern brides.


Long trains are common among royal wedding dresses. When you’re walking down an aisle, the elegance of a trailing dress is hard to pass up!

7. Long sleeves

Bridal dresses with long sleeves is the epitome of modern romance, truly timeless, elegant and stand-out gown on big day.

8. Off The Shoulder

Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses have been trending for a while now. For the last decade, the shoulder-baring silhouette has walked down nearly every bridal designer’s fashion week runway, topped Pinterest & instagram searches, and worn by many of our favorite celebrity brides.

9. Structure and fabric

When elegance meets ultra chic minimalist structures, the result is timelessly beautiful. Designers are taking a detour princess fantasies, and playing with fresh takes on old favorites featuring sleek structures that are both simple and amazing.

10. Straight across neckline

Simple, modern, chic—we are talking about a straight across neckline, of course. The style has often been deemed modern, even though the trend first appeared during the Regency era.
Fall 2022 Bridal Fashion Week provided us with more square necklines and straight across necklines than ever, as more bridal designers turned to this chic design.

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